December Resources for the Calendar of Special Days

Curriculum Focus: Christian Hospitality

Hospitality Ministry Description
Prepared by the North American Division

Biblical Hospitality
As you begin to practice biblical hospitality, God will open the doors of a very innovative and creative ministry practiced in simple ways to bind up wounds of hurt hearts, bring people together, and establish active members in your church. This book contains everything you need to teach a course on biblical hospitality in your church. Learn how to reach out to new members, long-time members, relatives, neighbors, and friends through hospitality.

How to Say "Hello" Without Saying "Goodbye"
This book will help you learn how to set up a receptionist and hospitality system in your church. Learn the "Zone System," how to best utilize greeters and receptionists, how to develop a Welcome Pack, and what actions to take to help ensure a second visit.

This booklet about hospitality is part of Women's Ministries Leadership Certification Level 3.

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