School Board Chair / Member

School Board Chair / Member

To operate an effective school program, church workers, school staff and church members need to come together to sit on a decision-making board. Being a member of such a board is a weighty and honorable task. Here are some of the things school board member are typically called upon to do:

1. Represent the constituency of the church of which you are a member. This includes paying careful attention to the issues at hand and responding with feedback and votes at critical times of decision.

2. To attend all school board meetings, as far as possible.

3. Be willing to help carry out the duties of the school board which typically are:

a.To organize itself at its first meeting of the fiscal year.

b. In counsel with the conference office of education and in harmony with denominational policies, to provide a qualified faculty for the school.

c. To appoint an executive committee and committees on finance, safety and any others necessary to expedite the business and safe operation of the school.

d. To ensure that the majority of all committees are made up of school board members.

e. To ensure that each new committee that is established have a clearly defined mission.

f. To carry out all of the plans and policies voted by the constituency and to provide for the general welfare of the school.

g. To authorize the expenditure of school funds.

h. To approve the annual operating budget.

i. To determine any needed capital improvements not provided for in the annual budget, and to recommend an equitable apportionment of funds needed to meet the needs.

j. To provide an agenda for constituency (church business) meetings.

k. To keep the constituency informed the financial matters, needs and programs of the school.

Typically, a senior school board representative will be a member of the church board.

School Board Chair

The school board chair is responsible for keeping the meetings organized and on target. 

For guidelines visit Robert’s Rules of Order

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