Young Adult Ministry Starter Pak 2


We are all being called into transformational relationships with young adults, all of us. Administrators, educators, pastors, ministry directors, community leaders, and parents – all of us have a vital role to play in mentoring new generations. Our present and future are at stake.

Continuing my effort to provide a practical response to the request "How To Start a Young Adult Ministry," I wanted to offer you three more very helpful resources you can use, and I would encourage you to share with your network of ministry practitioners.

1. SHARE&USE: Young Adult Ministry Starter Pak 2
These young adult ministry starter packets can be used by anyone, novice or ministry professional, at any level [local church/campus, conference, union, division]. Starter Pak 1 was released Summer 2011 and is available at,

This second pak gives focus to RELATIONSHIPS. This is a crucial pak that will predominate your work in young adult ministry. In addition to building authentic relationships with young adults, your leadership role affords you the responsibility of fostering relationships with adults who can champion new generations if given insights as to how to foster meaningful relationships with them. The folders in the pak conveniently offer separated items from the appendices for easy ministry use, sharing, and printing.

Young Adult Ministry Starter Pak 2

2. ENLIST&INVITE: Young Adult Ministry Advisory [YAMA] on facebook
Over 360 strong, the NAD Young Adult Ministry Advisory is a collection of practitioners, professionals, and enthusiasts sharing resources and support to local young adult ministry while also giving feedback and counsel to the NAD Youth/Young Adult Ministries Department. There is no obligation or fee to be part of this facebook group, and it is a live and current assistance to young adult ministry efforts locally and regionally. I would encourage you to join and to invite your peers who share interest in young adult ministry.

NAD Young Adult Ministry Advisory group on facebook

3. IGNITION:  Best of the Web--YouTube
Over the last decade, the face of online communication and creativity has changed. It is vital that you begin to learn the new forms of online media and discern the impact it has on the culture of new generations. Further, we need to discover the ways by which these online innovations can help us with young adult ministry endeavors. Here is a presentation I’ve been doing called, “Best of the Web: YouTube,” which gives one of many examples of how these online forms are impacting the communication media of new generations.

IGNITION: Best of the Web—YouTube

I hope these three items are of help to you and your valued ministry. Please share freely with your colleagues and those for whom you provide oversight.

This current generation of young adults [aka: The Millennials or Generation Y] is said to be the largest generation in the history of the world. I am honored and humbled to work alongside you, making a Kingdom-size investment in these young adult lives.

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