Adventist Community Services-Greater Pittsburgh

Adventist Community Services-Greater Pittsburgh (ACS-GP) is the humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greater Pittsburgh.

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Teléfono: 412.220.8000

Adventist Community Team Services, ACTS

ACTS World Relief is a first response team, uniting communities through help, hope and healing. We have been most active in the Gulf Coast; but are now expanding our organization nationwide and internationally.

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Teléfono: 866.558.2287

Adventist Contact

Successful computer dating exclusively for Seventh-day Adventist's since 1974.

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Teléfono: 301.589.4440

Adventist Dad

Adventist Dad provides weekly posts designed to build up and encourage dads who choose to learn from Jesus Christ and look for His soon return.

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Teléfono: 503.698.4622

Adventist Digital Education Consortium (ADEC)

The Adventist Digital Education Consortium is a collaboration of 13 Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities in North America. ADEC is officially headquartered on the campus of Griggs University in Maryland, USA.

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Teléfono: 800.782.4769

Adventist Digital Hymnal

Complete Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal with midi online. Indexed by number, title, topical, composer, author, tune, and style. Lyrics are available as well as accompaniment in English and Spanish.

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Adventist Directory

Search for up to date information on Adventist churches, schools, hospitals, book stores, libraries, universities, divisions, unions, conferences, missions, ADRA, orphanages, radio stations.

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Teléfono: 301.680.5021

Adventist Discovery Center

Adventist Media is an organisation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and primarily services the media needs of the Church in the South Pacific, and around the world.

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Teléfono: +61(2)9847 2222

Adventist Distinctive Messages

Dr. Treiyer is presently the pastor of a few church groups in eastern North Carolina. He continues to give seminars for pastors as well as evangelistic seminars wherever he is invited. His ability to fluently preach in English, Spanish, and French ha

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Teléfono: 919.580.0714

Adventist EDGE

Southern Union Education website.

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Teléfono: 404.299.1832

Adventist Education

North American Division (Bermuda, Canada and USA) Education site with links to K-12 Schools/Offices; Colleges/Universities; Curriculum; Employment; Resources; News/Stats and much more.

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Teléfono: 301.680.6440

Adventist Event Planners

Explore new ideas and concepts for your meetings. Find professional growth and certification opportunities and more.

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Teléfono: 301.680.6339

Adventist Family Ministries-GC

The basic target areas of the General Conference Family Ministries Department are premarital guidance, strengthening marriage and parent education, with attention also to extended families, single parenting, step-family needs, and singles.

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Teléfono: 301.680.6175

Adventist Flybabies

A place where Sabbath-keepers, SDA or non, can find inspiration and encouragement to really be able to make Sabbath the most special day of the week. This is a group to uplift each other in our Christian homemaking journey!

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Adventist Forum (Club Adventist)

Adventist internet forum (chat room) for the World-Wide Adventist community. This is not an official site of the Seventh-day Adventist church. This is a private supporting ministry.

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Teléfono: 604.853.5451 x405

Adventist Frontier Missions

We are a Seventh-day Adventist Christian lay ministry dedicated to establishing church-planting movements among people groups with no Adventist presence.

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Teléfono: 800.937.4236

Adventist GlenOaks Hospital

In a caring, homelike enviornment, GlenOaks Hospital provides residents of the western suburbs a full range of health care services. The 200 member medical staff and team of professional employees serve more than 36,000 patient visits per year.

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Teléfono: 630.545.8000

Adventist Health

This healthcare system has regional delivery networks in four Western states: California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

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Teléfono: 916.781.2000

Adventist Health International

Adventist Health International (AHI) is a management organization committed to partnering with health care services in developing countries. AHI has member countries on several continents, including North America, Africa, and South America.

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Teléfono: 909.558.4540

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