A Practical Guide to Evangelism: How to Win and Keep Members

A Practical Guide to Evangelism: How to Win and Keep Members

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”A Practical Guide to Evangelism: How to Win and Keep New Members is a relevant and useful resource for the church....It provides pastors with innovative ways in which they can plan and execute personal and public evangelism and explains how to consolidate those who newly accept the faith.” -Dr. Israel Leito, President of the Inter-American Division

”I consider this book to be a fantastic contribution to the church in the twenty-first century. This book is not a mere manual of procedures or methods for evangelism that begins on a certain date and finishes in forty or fifty days; it is a simple way of looking for a true enabling to be more efficient as a disciple of Christ.” -Pastor Melchor Ferreyra, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director of the Inter-American Division

”Evangelism is the mission of the whole church, not solely a task for a department of the church. This book pulls together the entire local church—all members, departments, boards, and services—to cooperatively engage in the mission of leading others to Christ.” -Dr. James Daniel, Field Secretary and Associate Stewardship Director of the Inter-American Division


Dr. Balvin B. Braham is from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. His education includes a bachelor’s degree in theology from Northern Caribbean University, a master’s in religion from Andrews University, and a doctorate in organizational leadership from Argosy University. He has worked as an educator, evangelist, and conference president and currently serves as administrative field secretary in the Inter-American Division, coordinating evangelism and church growth through such initiatives as “Pentecost and More” and “Vision One Million.” He is married to Anett Braham, and they have two young-adult daughters, Shavannie and Julaine.

Paperback. Copyright 2014. 241 pages.

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