Stephanie Wolfe Ministries

Stephanie Wolfe Ministries

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Mentoring Women is a comprehensive resource containing everything you need to take a group through a complete, one-year personal development program.

The material includes:

  • 13 CDs (One CD of PDFs for the written material and 12 audio lessons)
  • The GETTING STARTED file provides you with 9 important documents containing all the information you need to conduct an incredibly successful year. This file is filled with organizational and administration documents for planning the year. It also contains a lesson outline for you, the mentor, for orientation on the topic of mentoring, as well as information to provide you with answers to your pertinent questions.
  • The PARTICIPANT INFORMATION file provides you with 7 essential documents that will provide you and your group with the beginning materials for the notebooks and retreat, including all the materials you will need to print out and distribute to those invited to participate in the program.
  • The KICK-OFF RETREAT file provides you with 8 fundamental documents that will assist you in creating an exciting, informative, and highly motivating retreat from the planning stage to the closing prayer and everything in-between!
  • The LESSON OUTLINES file provides you with 12 outlines for the monthly lessons
  • The CELEBRATION AND REFLECTION file provides you with 4 pertinent documents that will provide the necessary steps from planning the final meeting to the follow-up plan for continued development. This file also contains an evaluation form and a sample certificate.

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