Who Wants to be a Mentor?

Who Wants to be a Mentor?

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In this 3-tape series Stehpanie Wolfe challenges leaders in the are of mentoring. What is it? How do we do it? Who can do it? What does it do for others? What does it do for us?

Power and Potential Influence
"The greater the visibility, the greater the influence. The greater the influence, the greater the responsibility. the greater the responsibility the greater the impact. The greater the impact, the greater the vulnerability." What is your impact potential?

Leaving a Lasting Impression
Discover the difference between a first impression and a lasting impression. See the mentoring process from both sides: student and teacher, and learn the expectations of both.

Who Wants to be a Mentor?
After this lesson you will either dive in or run for your life! An honest look at the realties of mentoring. Everyone wants to be mentored until you try to mentor them.

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