Destination Paradise VBS - Opening and Closing Program DVD

Destination Paradise VBS - Opening and Closing Program DVD

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This package includes videos to show during the Destination Paradise VBS opening and closing programs.

Opening Program

The Headquarters opening program is where the kids will sing the VBS songs, learn the daily memory verse, and become familiar with each day’s password combination. This is also where the kids will watch a daily video and meet the youth group on an expedition with Paradise Tours. Through the video they will learn that God speaks to us, cares for us, has a plan for our lives, and is preparing a heavenly home for us. The station leader’s guide includes an alternate script for a skit so you can choose the option that works best for your church.

Closing Program

The Headquarters closing program features a daily video where a team of investigators provide a wrap-up message. The kids will meet Sam, the lead investigator; Alex, his assistant; Rashid, the technology expert; and Hannah, the librarian. This can be viewed as a video or acted out with puppets or actors depending on your church’s preference. A script is included in the station leader’s guide. These segments will give the kids an opportunity to recap the memory verse, password combination, and truths about God they learn each day.

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