Carscallen & Bartholomew -- Really Living DVD

Carscallen & Bartholomew -- Really Living DVD

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Really Living is a 60-minute television program hosted by Don C. Schneider, president of the North American Division, for the Hope Channel. In each episode, Schneider presents inspiring stories about the lives of people who know Jesus Christ and have experienced Really Living. This DVD contains two 60-minute programs featuring Carey Cascallen and Gary and Lynn Bartholomew.

Mentoring With a Mission - Carey Carscallen is director of the School of Architecture at Andrews University. But there's much more to this talented man than merely teaching others how to design buildings. Allowing God to use his hands, Carscallen has done work in many countries. Join us as we take a look at what he has accomplished for God in his life and how he's helping others to do the same.

Helping Provide “Water for Life” - Gary and Lynn Bartholomew, two brothers from Washington State, learned that 15,000 people, mostly children, die each day from lack of clean water. They decided their well expertise could be helping others. Now they drill wells in the mission field and change lives.

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