Johnsson & Williams -- Really Living DVD

Johnsson & Williams -- Really Living DVD

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Really Living is a 60-minute television program hosted by Don C. Schneider, president of the North American Division, for the Hope Channel. In each episode, Schneider presents inspiring stories about the lives of people who know Jesus Christ and have experienced Really Living. This DVD contains two 60-minute programs featuring Terry Johnsson and Dr. Hyveth Williams.

God Can Use Anybody for His Purposes

Terry Johnsson is the youth pastor of the Tacoma Park, Maryland Seventh-day Adventist Church. Because of his dyslexia, his first elementary teacher believed he was slightly developmentally disabled. Eventually Terry’s mother enrolled him in an Adventist School where he learned to read the Bible. After high school he signed up for the Air Force, where his basic training officer invited him to church. He went on to march in the President’s Honor Guard. His book, Aim High, reflects his view on life, that God can use anybody for his purposes.

Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love

Dr. Hyveth Williams became a mayor’s secretary, and eventually became executive assistant to the mayor. Her book, Will I Ever Learn?, chronicles the mishaps and misfortunes that brought her out of trials to the feet of God. She is now an active part of Campus Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loma Linda, California. She believes that God says to every person that there is nothing we can do to separate ourselves from His love.

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