Landless and Smith -- Really Living

Landless and Smith -- Really Living

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Really Living is a 60-minute television program hosted by Don C. Schneider, president of the North American Division, for the Hope Channel. In each episode, Schneider presents inspiring stories about the lives of people who know Jesus Christ and have experienced Really Living. This DVD contains two programs featuring Dr. Peter and Roslyn Landless and Ron Smith.

Dr. Peter and Roslyn Landless – Keeping God’s Sabbath

Dr. Peter Landless was working at a small clinic in a remote village before he was summoned for service by the South African government. During Peter’s two years in the military, he experienced many miracles which allowed him to keep the Sabbath and avoid using a gun. In this episode, learn how the God has been faithful to Peter and Roslyn. duration 50:49

Ron Smith – Surviving a Stroke Gave Time for Reflection on God’s Providence

Ron Smith was a successful pastor, teacher, and writer. He was prosperous and healthy, and then he had a stroke. Following his stroke, Ron began a journey of trusting God despite tough circumstances. In this episode, learn about God’s miracles and Ron’s new attitude toward life. duration 50:25

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