Thurber & Spinks - Really Living

Thurber & Spinks - Really Living

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Really Living is a television program hosted by Don C. Schneider, former president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, for the Hope Channel. In each episode Schneider presents inspiring stories about people who know Jesus Christ and have experienced Really Living.

Gary Thurber – Envision What Someone Can Become in the Hands of Jesus

A terrible car accident left Gary Thurber fighting for his life. In this episode he shares stories of his struggles and how he made it through. The life lessons he's learned about encouragement and visioning are uplifting and rewarding. Gary shares the three Christian guidelines that changed his life: 1) Be willing to enter the battle for others’ lives and salvation, 2) Release the love that God puts in our hearts, and 3) Dream of what others could become in the hands of Jesus. Duration 51:03

Ralph & May Spinks – Health Crisis Started a Search for a Better Life

When Ralph Spinks came face to face with the prospect of dying, he and his wife May took inventory and decided to make some radical changes in their lives. Learn how they managed the crisis and the revolutionary change that ensued. Duration 50:03

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