Adventist Youth Ministries Training

Adventist Youth Ministries Training

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Leadership training is an important component of Pathfinder ministries. That is true for Pathfinders and for leaders in the Pathfinder Club.

The Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) curriculum is a comprehensive training system for Youth Ministries, including Pathfinder leaders. This curriculum encourages leaders to become certified in areas where they are providing leadership, such as Counselor and Director, and also in areas where they would like to develop expertise or build on what they already know, such as becoming a better Instructor.

In 2013 the North American Division announced that conferences could beta test this new curriculum. In the fall of 2014 the Pathfinder portion of the AYMT curriculum will replace the Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA) and Pathfinder Instructor Award (PIA) as the training format in the North American Division.

The basis of all certifications are:

  • Role-specific learning
  • One-year timeframes
  • Required fieldwork
  • 5-8 seminars per certification
  • Portfolio completion as a form of evaluation and integrity review
  • Mentoring
  • Conference-level creation options

To get started Pathfinder leaders will choose a certification, attend seminars, complete field work, and submit a portfolio. The certifications in this introduction booklet include:

  • Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Certification
  • Pathfinder Instructor Certification
  • Pathfinder Counselor JumpStart Certification
  • Pathfinder Director Certification
  • Pathfinder Leadership Certification
  • Pathfinder Staff Leadership Certification

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