Physical Education K-12

Physical Education K-12

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The Elementary Teacher Resource Manual for teaching physical education to grades 5-8 in NAD schools presents a variety of ways to teach developmental skills such as ball and hoop coordination, non-team activities, group games, paddle activities, cooperative games, jump rope, basketball, flag ball, floor hockey, and much, much more. Each section offers a list of skills developed, supplies needed, area/space required, number of players, and most have a useful visual diagram.

The Secondary Teacher Resource Manual for teaching physical education to grades 9-12 in NAD schools presents suggestions for program organization and guidelines for physical fitness, grading, individual/dual sports, intramurals, interscholastic games, and the player/spectator secondary sportsmanship code. Additional resources include a listing of sporting goods and supply resources, national sports organizations, journals and periodicals, and rule sources for individual and dual sports.

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