Life Giving Mentors

Life Giving Mentors

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This generation we live in is hungry to be mentored for a variety of reasons. Education has become high-tech but not high touch. There is a relationship vacuum, created by the superficiality of text messages, online networking, and video games. These students don't connect the way former generations did - they don't want a "sage on the stage." They want a guide on the side.

So how do we mentor this hungry generation? One life at a time. But even this is intimidating for us. Most adults have never been taught how to nurture a developmental relationship. Our models have been poor, and the baton of wisdom continues to be dropped between generations. Our questions vary: how do we select someone to mentor? What should be our focus? What does this generation really need? How do we foster life-change? What happens if I fail or they fail to follow through? How do I speak with authority into the life of a young person?

This handbook was originally created by Tim Elmore under the title Mentoring - How to Invest Your Life in Other. This edition has been updated and expanded - with new chapters containing the latest research and creative ideas - to make it a revolutionary new resource. It is an encyclopedia on the subject of mentoring. It's designed for staff in colleges, public schools, non-profit organizations, corporations, churches - anywhere young leaders hang out.

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