Outreach Ideas for Youth Ministries

Adopt-A-Grandparent - Make arrangements to visit a local nursing home once a month to visit the residents. Things to do: (1) Play table games in the dayroom with the residents. (2) Select a resident as your "grandparent" and talk with them, read to them or bring flowers, etc.

Rent-A-Teen - This is a great way to help people in your community and raise money for a special project. Designate a Sunday(s) when your group is available to do odd jobs (yard work, house cleaning, wash cars, etc) for a reasonable fee. Let customers know that the proceeds will go for a special project like a mission trip, homeless feeding or daycamp program. Get as many sponsors as you can and have fun!

Beach Ministry - Who says you can't share God's love and have fun at the same time! Plan an annual beach fun day and give it a cleaver name like, "Sand Blast '98." Secure a spot on the beach where you can set up a volley ball net and other outdoor games (i.e. horseshoes, croquet, tether ball). Have a sand carving contest and invite participants to feature Bible themes. Advertise it in your community with flyers, posters and newspaper ads. Optional: If you have a large number of people participating, charge $10 per person and provide custom designed tee shirts. Provide refreshments for all participants. Make sure you give a nice award to the prizing winning entry.

Food Bank Drive
- Does your church have a food bank? If not, see if there is one in your community you can help. Make arrangements with stores and local organizations to place collection boxes in their businesses. Dress the boxes up with signs that tell where the food is going. Kick it off by placing a couple of youth at each collection site with flyers that describe your ministry.

Homeless Feeding - Contact a local food bank or charity to find out where local homeless people congregate or live. Plan a regular time (once every 4 to 6 weeks) to prepare sack lunches or food boxes for the homeless. Sabbath afternoon are great! Invite church members to donate small jars of peanut butter and jelly. Also ask for donations of small bags of potato chips and other prepackaged snacks. Don't use hard fruit because many homeless have problems with their teeth. Have a sandwich making session and put everyone to work. Make sure you advise everyone about washing their hands. You can pass the lunches out at random, or take them to a feeding center. Make sure you devise a plan of action before making dozens of sack lunches.

Litter Hounds
- Why not volunteer to clean up a section of highway in your community? Sometimes road departments will even put up a sign with your group's name on it. Check with the state or city road department for details.

Graffiti Clean Up - Contact city hall and volunteer to help clean up graffiti. You can paint an unsightly fence or clean off traffic signs. Tell them you'll do the work if they'll provide the paint.

Sunshine Baskets
- Hospital pediatric floors are usually looking for ways to entertain sick children. Secure their permission to provide a Sunshine Basket of surprises! Send out an appeal for people to donate wicker baskets (medium sizes). Decorate them with brightly colored paper and make them look special. Go to a toy store and buy an assortment of inexpensive toys, little cars, story books, rubber band toys, color pencils, stickers, puzzles). Wrap each item and place a variety of toys in each basket. You can also include an inexpensive Bible story book.

Spring Brush Up - Find a needy family in your community whose house needs painting. Plan a Sunday when your group can descend on their house with scrapers, paint brushes, rollers and paint. Make sure you have everything you need to do a super job! End with a pizza feed.

Faith Fest
- Plan a series of Saturday nights during the winter months where you feature local talent and people in a program format. You can choose material/people that cover a broad range of general subject matter, or you can choose features that are spiritual in content. Include guest speakers, musicians, unique films/videos, groups that are up-to-date and engaging. Depending on the nature of the program, this can be held in the church sanctuary or a multi-purpose room. Make it a fun time!

Neighborhood Recreation Day
- Organize a recreation day at a local park for neighborhood kids. Plan a menu of sports activities including, softball, Frisbee, volleyball, group games, and more. Pass out flyers and invite area kids to participate. Make sure you say what ages are able to participate. Provide light refreshments and a story hour for the smaller children.

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