Advanced Video Honor Requirements

Advanced Video Honor Requirements



  1. Have the Video honor.

  2. Describe the following media switcher terms and how they are used:

    a. Fade
    b. Dissolve
    c. Wipe
    d. Super
    e. Split Screen

  3. Define the following:

    a. White Balance b. Light Screen
    c. Ambient Light d. Media Switcher e. Lighting Effects f. Format

    g. Frame
    h. Input Selector i. Monitor
    j. Media
    k. Livestream

  4. List some of the advantages and disadvantages of two different video file formats.

  5. Describe the effects of lighting on a media production. How can lighting be adjusted to achieve the desired effects?

  6. Identify these editing terms:

    1. Non-Linear Editor

    2. Media

    3. Import

    4. Timeline

    5. Split

    6. Cut/delete

    7. Undo

    8. Transaction

    9. Insert Video Track

    10. Title

    11. Credit Roll

    12. Render

    13. Resolution

  7. Define lower third.

  8. Based on the number of media inputs available to you, complete two of the following projects:

    a. Demonstrate how to operate a media switcher with a minimum of three input sources, two of which have to be cameras.

  1. Create a media clip of 5-7 minutes featuring multiple effects. Demonstrate panning, zooming, and selection of sources. Include a title and a credit roll. Show it in a public place, like church, social media or portable device.

  2. Using editing software, demonstrate how to edit a video that includes title, credits and video transition effects.

  3. Demonstrate how to import or upload a created video onto an online video source, social media, etc. Ask your media director or webmaster for assistance.

  4. Complete two of the following streaming activities:

    1. Demonstrate how to retrieve the stream key from a social

      media platform. Demonstrate how to input the stream code into the hardware or software to start a stream to one of the main streaming services. Demonstrate how to stop the stream at the conclusion of the desired time.

    2. Demonstrate how to add a graphic and/or text in the lower third of a live stream.

    3. Produce several livestream sessions/programs/services. Include proper selection of sources, sound level balancing and appropriate graphic overlays in the lower third.

9. Read Daniel 12:4 and Mark 16:15 and discuss how video can be used to increase knowledge and preach the gospel to all creation.

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