Horsemanship, Advanced

Horsemanship, Advanced



  1. Have the Horsemanship honor.

  2. Label on an outline drawing of a horse or point out on a live horse a minimum of 30 different parts of a horse.

  3. Demonstrate and explain how to care for tack.

  4. Demonstrate and explain how to catch and halter a horse safely.

  5. Demonstrate and explain how to tie a horse safely with a manger knot and with a bowline knot using the correct length of rope and tying at the correct height from the ground.

  6. Demonstrate and explain how to correctly saddle and bridle a horse and adjust stirrup length.

  7. Demonstrate the correct positions while riding at a trot/jog including circles and reverses:

    a. Sitting

    b. Two-point c. Posting

  8. Safely demonstrate an emergency dismount.

  9. Ride on a trail for a total of 7 cumulative hours, following all safety rules and using correct position.

  10.Demonstrate and explain how to use a hoof pick.

  1. Demonstrate proper method to turn out a horse.

  2. Identify a minimum of 8 common horse colors, 5 common face markings, and 5 common leg markings.

  3. Demonstrate and explain correct spacing, reversing direction and passing other riders in an arena setting at the walk with at least one other rider, following all safety rules.

   14.Negotiate a simple three element trail obstacle course set up on level ground riding at a walk. Choose from the following:

  1. Step over log or pole, maximum height of 16 inches (40.6 cm).

  2. Pass between 2 barrels or bales of hay spaced 45 inches (1.1 meters) apart.

  3. Zigzag between poles set at 12-foot (3.6 meters) intervals.

  4. Walk into a large keyhole, 15-foot (4.6 meters) circle, turn and exit without stepping on or crossing any borderline.

  15. Know how to cool down and care for a horse after a demanding ride.

  16.Choose from the following list a way to use your skills with horses to witness to others. Share with your instructor or club the specific impacts you observed while sharing Jesus in this way:

  1. Assist someone who owns a horse and needs help caring for it.

  2. Participate helping in the equestrian activities at a church camp.

  3. Volunteer to help in a charity or program that uses horses as part of a therapy.

  4. An activity of your choosing, approved by your instructor.

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