Saving Animals Award Requirements

Saving Animals Award Requirements



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Level: Builder (3rd Grade)
Category: Nature
Section: My World

Saving Animals

1. Why are animals endangered?
2. What happened to extinct animals? Why?
3. Identify and name at least five extinct animals.
4. Learn about five endangered animals.
5. How many animals are currently on the endangered species list? Collect pictures of at least five endangered animals and name them.
6. Make a poster or booklet encouraging people to save endangered animals. Show your work to someone.
7. Memorize Proverbs 12:10.

1. Animals are endangered because there are only a few remaining. Endangered animals are those species that are close to going extinct, most often by the loss of their habitat.
2. They died from being poached, over hunted, acts of nature, the flood, and the lack of necessary habitat. Extinct animals died.
3. Some suggestions might include the dodo, saber-tooth tiger, mammoth, etc.
4. Choose at least one of the following: visit a zoo; watch a video/DVD; use library and/or Internet resources.
5. Some suggestions include Ailurus fulgens (red panda), panda, elephant, etc.
6. Be creative.
7. Try reading Proverbs 12:10 from a modern translation. You could also read Genesis 1.

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