Building Family Memories - FM Planbook 2015  (NAD Edition)

Building Family Memories - FM Planbook 2015 (NAD Edition)

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Building Family Memories was created for pastors and ministry leaders in their work with families in and out of the church, serving as a catalyst to help them create memories of joy that will help families to be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ. From sermons to seminars, children’s stories to articles, leadership resources and book reviews, you will find an abundance of helpful materials in your work with families.


  • Building Lasting Memories
  • The Gift of Memories
  • Lessons from the Family of Abraham
  • How to Enjoy Your Imperfect Family
  • What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Children’s Stories

  • Sponges, Brains, and Character
  • Memories
  • The Never-To-Be-Forgotten Birthday


  • Leaving a Legacy of Love
  • Making Memories
  • Frequent Family Dinners Protect Our Children
  • Messy Church

Leadership Resources

  • Memorials of the Heart and Mind
  • Creating Exciting Family Worship
  • The Marshmallow Test
  • Growing in Love

And more!

  • Leadership resources, articles, book reviews, and Family Ministries implementation materials.

Paperback. 112 pages. Copyright 2014.

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