Door of Hope for Wounded Black Family

Door of Hope for Wounded Black Family

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A Door of Hope for the Wounded Black Family, by Alfred R. Jones and Doris Ewell Jones, helps to effectively intervene in the problem relationships among individuals and families. It includes development of black families that began with God the creator in Eden. It explores the rich African Heritage . It examines the impact of the slavery experience and offers numerous intervention strategies to help improve self concept and interpersonal relationships.

A number of features have been incorporated into this book to provide African American families with a broad knowledge issue that influence black families. This book is designed to help Black individuals understand the origins and meaning of the feelings and behaviors which they continuously experience.

Forgiveness is a process of letting go of the resentment and bitterness that accompanies emotional hurt or wrongful offenses against one's self. To forgive requires one to freely pardon another who has been guilty of being immoral, unjust, unfair, and evil against you. This book will help you find that forgiveness.

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