Families Reaching Out - Family Ministries Planbook 2013 (NAD Edition)

Families Reaching Out - Family Ministries Planbook 2013 (NAD Edition)

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Families Reaching Out was created to help families sense the urgency of the need to reach out, and make the necessary preparations to be used by God for the salvation of many. From seminars and children’s stories to articles and book and movie reviews, you will find an abundance of resources available in this planbook.

Mini-Seminars—PowerPoint Presentations Available at

  • Keeping Your Love Alive
  • Raising Heavenly Children on Earth
  • WIN! Wellness: Home of Hope & Health

Children’s Stories

  • Sharing the Good News
  • Just Like Me
  • The Missionary Family
  • Second Chances

Leadership Resources

  • Family to Family: Families Discipling Families to Christ
  • The Five Stages of Marriage
  • The Blessings of Affirmation
  • R and R Through Mind Renewal
  • Reaching Out with Youth Alive


  • Eat Together, Live Well Together: Can Sharing Family Meals Make a Difference?
  • The Ministerial Family: Balancing Church and Family Life
  • Don’t Give Up
  • Let Go and Let God

And more!

The workshops, stories, leadership resources, and articles in this book will help families learn how to reach out to their neighbors, relatives, and friends to tell them about Jesus.

Paperback. Copyright 2012. 186 pages.

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