Managing God's Resources - Family Ministries Planbook

Managing God's Resources - Family Ministries Planbook

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Family relationships are one of the most important responsibilities given to us by God. The way we manage those relationships provides fruit in the way our marriages, our children, and our interpersonal relationships develop. This book gives insight and ideas on how to balance daily tasks and pressures with taking care of the families in our church.

This brand new for 2006 dynamic book features resources to build and maintain family treasures such as respect, togetherness, marriage, love, parenting, and relationships. Churches will gain insight on how to meet the needs of children, teenagers, singles, couples, mature adults, and making the most of each person in the family of God.

Take a look at the stewardship principles involved in the day-to-day activities of the family. You'll find sermons, seminars, children's stories, and more resources to use in the encouraging ministry of keeping families healthy.

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