Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Basic Level

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Basic Level

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Use this training curriculum to strengthen your discipleship capacity. Contents include:

  • Spiritual Gifts: Keys to Ministry
  • Principles of Personal Christian Witness
  • Principles of Christian Leadership
  • Principles of Spiritual Leadership
  • How to Understand and Teach Basic Adventist Doctrines
  • Power for the Privilege: The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
  • Development and Training of Adult Sabbath School Teachers
  • Inductive and Relational Bible Study and Teaching
  • How to Prepare for and Teach a Sabbath School Class
  • Developing Sabbath School Action Units
  • How to Interpret the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy
  • The Power of Small Groups
  • Principles of Evangelism in the Life of Jesus
  • Methods of Door-to-Door Visitation
  • Principles and Methods of Gaining Decisions
  • Simple Methods of Giving a Bible Study
  • Soul Winning

Includes PowerPoint for giving presentations on this material.

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