Women's Ministries Quick Start Guide

Women's Ministries Quick Start Guide

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Women are the backbone of the church. In the North American Division women comprise nearly 60 percent of church membership and serve in every department of the church. Women’s contributions are vital to the mission and success of the church.

An active women’s ministry in the local church can enhance the overall church program in many ways. By ministering to women’s unique needs and by purposely training and equipping women for service, women’s ministries can help ensure that every woman in the church finds a way to be involved in the mission of the church.

This Quick Start Guide for Women’s Ministries is full of important information to help you start or revitalize a women’s ministry in your church. Learn about setting goals, developing a mission statement, outreach projects, nurturing new members, and more.

Paperback. 15 pages. Copyright 2010, 2019

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