Welcome to the wonderful world of Little Lambs! Whether you are doing the Little Lamb Program as part of an Adventurer Club or your own program just for 4-year-olds, you will find everything you need right here. This guidebook provides everything you need to run a successful Little Lamb Program, including:

  • Characteristics of Little Lambs
  • How to create an environment where children with special needs can participate
  • Guidelines for leaders
  • An overview of the uniform
  • Photocopy masters on CD
  • Forms to assist in organizing your club and keeping records

All program and star requirements are weaved together into 20 pre-planned meetings with step-by-step instructions. You will find lists of materials, tips for learning, helpful websites and much more. Each meeting outline also includes a schedule so you can stay on time.

Little Lambs are at an exciting age of discovery. This program is designed to lead children to Jesus and enable them to learn about their world, family, and themselves.

NAD Adventurer Ministries. (AdventSource). 203 pages. Copyright 2007. Spiral bound. Includes PDF masters on CD.

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