Survivors of the Dark Rebellion

Survivors of the Dark Rebellion

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"It's unfair!" whispered Lucifer. How far would he carry his cunning revolt?

For aeons the angels had rejoiced to sing God's praises under the direction of their glorious leader. Then Lucifer changed. As God's latest secret project progressed, his resentment grew." Insinuations bred suspicion and doubt. So began the real star wars—the great conflict between good and evil.

And you are there-alongside Mark, an angel newly assigned to record the history of Planet Earth. Watch the creation of Adam. Eavesdrop as Cain begs his sister Sheena to run away with him. Applaud as Shem rescues Nala, falls in love, and brings her and her parrot, Squawker, into the ark. Feel Ishmael's bitterness. You are there-up close and personal!

Mark the Watcher's chronicle offers exciting new discoveries about patriarchs and prophets from Adam to David, as well as lots of interesting new characters you will meet along the way. In the end you will understand as never before the terrible tragedy of sin, and the wonderful love of the God who allowed it to continue.

Paperback. Copyright 2002. 176 pages.

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