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None of us knows first-hand what heaven is like. We may not even be certain how many biblical descriptions are literal or symbolic. We can be sure that heaven far surpasses what we can imagine, and if we can't even imagine what heaven is like, we can't adequately portray it to children.

However, we can still give children some very pleasant experiences to association with the word "heaven," and thus lay a groundwork of ideas which can expand and mature as children grow older.

In this program we have taken some of the most traditional concepts of heaven, as described in the Bible, and brought them into a very simplified format of activities which are accessible to toddlers and infants.

It is repeated throughout the program that heaven is a place where Jesus wants to have children come to live with Him. Small children may find the idea of going to a strange place to live with someone they have never seen to be a frightening prospect. Therefore, we emphasize that Jesus wants the whole family in heaven. If children understand that mommy and daddy will go there with them, they will be able to feel more comfortable with the idea and more receptive to the rest of the program. The program ends with a discussion of Jesus' return.

Includes program outline, sheet music, complete supply list and, instructions.

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