Cactusville VBX Chuck Wagon

Cactusville VBX Chuck Wagon

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Chuckwagon Snacks: Snack Station

The Chuckwagon is the place children go to sample tasty snacks. At this station each day's lesson is reinforced through creative finger foods and an interactive placemat where children may leave messages for the next group or write personal messages to themselves.

Daily Schedule

  • Day 1: Prairie Dog Ponchos or Waffle Blankets
  • Day 2: Tacos in a Cup or Choco Chapatis
  • Day 3: Howdy Pard'ner Trail Mix or Dippity Dooda Fruit Cups
  • Day 4: Cactus Pops or Buckets O'Vittles
  • Day 5: Wagon Wheel Cookies or Wagon Wheel Pasta

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