Uriah Smith

Uriah Smith

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Hanging above Uriah Smith's desk was a simple sketch–presumably drawn by Smith himself–of a dead person lying in a coffin, with the caption "This man was talked to death." The humerous sketch proved sufficient to curtail innecessary conversation from visitors, allowing Smith to stay focused on his work. Indeed, nothing seemed to take his focus from his work–not his artificial leg, a bout with malaria, or even conflicts with Ellen White.

As a church leader, the editor of the Review and Herald, and the author of many pamphlets and books–most notably Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation–Uriah Smith significantly helped mold Sevent-day Adventism. Now Adventist historian Gary Land traces the life of Uriah Smith as never before. Using letters and diaries kept by Smith and others, Land offers fascinating insights into the personality, private life, and professional struggles of this complex man whose conservative views often brought him into conflict with a changing church and a changing world.

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