Master Guide Club Manual | Francés

Master Guide Club Manual | Francés

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The Master Guide Club focuses on leadership development, discipleship, outreach, and evangelism. Members of the club will:

  • Emphasize spiritual and personal growth for a more intimate relationship with Christ. 
  • Provide Master Guide Leadership Training based on the North American Division’s Master Guide Curriculum.
  • Assist with Adventurer and Pathfinder Club Ministries, Youth Ministries, and church ministries in their leadership, discipleship, and outreach endeavors.
  • Involve Master Guide Club members in the church community through social activities that foster Christian friendship and mutual support.
  • Teach and promote an integral healthy lifestyle.
  • Participate in local Conference, Union, and North American Division-sponsored events.

This manual outlines the philosophy, structure, and steps in organizing a Master Guide Club. Included are sample programs, budget details, job descriptions, and much more.

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Paperback. 55 pages. 

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