5E.1 Grades 9-12 - Three Cosmic Messages Capstone Course Teachers Kit- Three Angels Curriculum

5E.1 Grades 9-12 - Three Cosmic Messages Capstone Course Teachers Kit- Three Angels Curriculum

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Teacher’s Guide.  71-page, spiral bound, color manual with North American Division standards. Based on the book Three Cosmic Messages by Mark Finley, this course has been developed for junior and senior academy students who wish to gain additional Bible credit by taking an honors Bible capstone course, culminating in the conducting of an evangelistic series on the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. It is also appropriate for college students or others interested in preparing for public evangelism.

Twelve highly interactive lessons engage students as they develop skills in sermon preparation and delivery, audience awareness, effective use of illustrations, making an appeal, etc. Following the instruction, the remainder of the semester is used for planning, preparing and executing an evangelistic series.

The course is comprised of three parts, which make up the hours for ½ Carnegie Unit (one semester). Part One: 18 hours. Twelve days of instruction, 90-minute periods. For schools without block scheduling, periods can be divided into 24 days of 45-minute periods. Part Two: 9 hours. Six additional 90-minute class periods for student preparation and practice presenting sermons to small groups. Part Three: 20 hours. 13 sessions of evangelistic outreach; one-hour presentations (including music) plus prep and wrap-up.

While the course is designed to teach students the most effective methods for sharing the three angels’ messages, the most important component of the unit is the opportunity for them to dedicate themselves to Jesus, fall in love with Him anew, and grasp the power of Revelation’s story. 

Three Cosmic Messages by Mark A. Finley. 176-page book.

Flash Drive. Contains complete teacher’s guide with syllabus, learning outcomes and assessments; ten slide presentations in Keynote and PowerPoint format with video clips from Finley and other noted Adventist preachers.


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