The Miracle

The Miracle

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What if the Miracles of Jesus are more than meets the eye?

What if there is so much more to each story than we see?

What if each time Jesus did something supernatural, He was inviting us to look deeper?

Beyond the healing.

Beyond the deliverance.

Beyond the acts that defied the laws of nature.

What if Jesus were inviting us to see something bigger?

Something more amazing about the love of God.

Something mind-blowing.

What if the ultimate Miracle is that God can transform us?

The Miracle Series is an interactive study of 15 of Jesus’ awe-inspiring encounters while here on earth. These lessons, and messages are designed to connect with teens and youth and take them on a journey of discovery. Included in this kit is everything you need:

  • Small group scripts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Promotional video and files
  • Participant Study Guides

We invite you and your youth to not just study the Miracles of Jesus but to experience The Miracle.

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