The Testimony of Jesus in Exodus

The Testimony of Jesus in Exodus

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The books of Exodus & Leviticus are underrated…

Most Bible readers like to skip these books of the Bible. Today is the day you stop skipping. Today is the day you begin to see them in all their glory. This full-color, interactive Bible study workbook will bless you in many ways.

The book of Exodus (along with Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) deals chiefly with the grand unveiling of God’s way of delivering and restoring man through Jesus, the Lamb. Exodus uses the lives and experiences of Moses and the Israelites to reveal the life and experience of Jesus. The parallel continues with it being a revelation of our lives and experiences.

In this series we see God establishing the work of redemption through the sanctuary service.

Great for individuals, small groups, and congregations.

About the Author

Esther Green is a former secondary and post-secondary educator. She is a full-time missionary, preacher, speaker, teacher, consultant, and a Bible instructor who loves the Lord.

Paperback. Copyright 2010. Size: 8.5 x 11.

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