Pipe and Dance Bible Study Guide

Pipe and Dance Bible Study Guide

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This iFollow Bible study is designed to unpack Christ’s teachings about discipleship in the Gospel according to Matthew. It shows how Jesus drew people to Him and trained His disciples to reach others.

The first three chapters focus on understanding what it meant – and still means – to be a disciple of Christ. The last three chapters describe three valuable communication skills that can help disciples of Christ be effective.

Learn how Jesus used a coaching method in His ministry and in training His disciples, and explore ways to apply Christ’s method in the 21st century. This iFollow Bible study shows how disciples are called to follow His example and help others look beyond religion to find a saving relationship with Jesus.

About the Author

Pastor Kirk King is the founder and president of Service Safari and Traverse, a pair of linked non- profits located in Colorado, dedicated to helping young adults bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood. King is also the co-author of The Word on Campus: A Guide to Public College Ministry and other public campus ministry resources. He has published two Bible study guides for children and teens. King served the Adventist Church as a pastor and teacher for nearly 39 before starting the non-profits. He is dedicated to helping Christians learn how to effectively share their faith in Jesus with skeptical friends.

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