Do Justice, Love Mercy - Bible Study Guide

Do Justice, Love Mercy - Bible Study Guide

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When thinking of the term “justice,” some people might picture a courtroom, handcuffs, a police car, or maybe even a jail cell. Some may even think of Marvel Comics’ “Justice League,” complete with superheroes in their colorful spandex and capes.

But what does “justice” mean when it’s used in the Bible? How does God see to it that justice is served? And since we all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory, what does He call us to do in the name of justice for this broken world?

Do Justice, Love Mercy will lead you through Scripture to discover the different meanings and applications of Godly justice. This Bible study aims to ignite a powerful spark within each of us to spread the Gospel and God’s message of peace and healing to the world.

About the Author

Seth Pierce is the lead pastor at the Puyallup Seventh-day Adventist Church in Washington State. He and his wife Angela have three daughters: Madeline, Chloe, and Natalie. Between writing countless articles and numerous books, full-time pastoring, fathering, husbanding, and now pursuing a PhD in communication from Regent University, Seth keeps himself very busy. He has a passion for communicating spiritual truth with simplicity and clarity—and occasionally he can be found risking his mortal body in obstacle course races such as Warrior Dash and Spartan Race.

Paperback. 29 pages. Copyright 2016. Part of the iFollow series.

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