Grief Recovery (Participant's Guide)

Grief Recovery (Participant's Guide)

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How does someone get over the loss of a loved one? By ignoring the emptiness? By not talking about the one who’s now gone? By keeping a stiff upper lip and choking back the sobs? Coping with grief isn’t easy, but in this book Larry Yeagley, founder of Grief Recovery seminars, shares his time-tested insights into how to cope with grief.

Grief Recovery walks readers through the stages of grief and demonstrates how grief is different for everyone. This book is full of stories and exercises to help those struggling with loss. It covers topics including the anatomy of grief, tasks of grieving, moving toward recovery, grief and marriage, grief and the family, intentional grieving, and much more.

This book is the product of Larry Yeagley’s extensive experience as a grief counselor combined with his personal experience with the grief of losing a son. Grief Recovery will assist readers in becoming proactive in knowing what to expect from others and ourselves during times of grief.

About the Author

Larry Yeagley, a volunteer hospice chaplain and co-founder of two hospices, developed a bereavement support program called Grief Recovery – a model used by hospices, churches, hospitals, and counseling centers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Retired from parish ministry, he is currently writing and mentoring those who desire to provide support to those who mourn.

Updated 2009, paperback

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