The Adventists 3 DVD set - Spanish

The Adventists 3 DVD set - Spanish

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Three compelling films seen on PBS stations now in one Collector's Edition DVD!

The ADVENTISTS Trilogy includes:

The Adventists - the best-selling film that started it all. The film explores the biblically-based health message that has made Adventists some of the healthiest people on the planet, with members living 7-10 longer than others. It also profiles Adventist hospitals and why they are on the cutting edge of medicine today.

The Adventists 2 - travels the far reaches of the globe as Adventists bring their health care story to Haiti, Brazil, China, Africa, Peru and the Dominican Republic where it continues to change lives.

The Blueprint: The Story of Adventist Education - an engaging and entertaining look at how Adventists have created one of the largest faith-based school systems in America with a focus on teaching to the body, mind and spirit.

“Adventists are some of the most faithful, inspiring people I have ever met, “ says filmmaker Martin Doblmeier, whose Journey Films has produced more than 30 films on topics of religion. “The lifestyle they live, the health care systems they built and the schools they operate are the finest examples of what people of faith can create and how lives can be impacted. It's a privilege to tell the story through our films.”

Copyright 2015. Each film is 1 hour. Spanish audio and subtitles are available.

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