Understanding Families

Understanding Families

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The family is like a human body. The functioning of each separate part affects the body as a whole, and the body as a whole impacts the way the separate parts function. This view is crucial to those who minister to families. In this perspective, individual family members are valued and relational growth is seen as essential.

Understanding Families is a book that will assist you in planning sermons, seminars, and stories that will help members in your church and community understand and value their own family and the families of those around them. Use all the resources, or pick and choose those that work best for your community. Contents includes:

  • Invited to the Feast - sermon resource by Roberto Badenas
  • Many, Yet One Family - sermon resource by Karen & Ron Flowers
  • Hannah - children's story by Karen Flowers
  • Lahemane Mushe - children's story by Virginia Moyer
  • The Mysterious Life of a Pond - children's story by Karen Flowers
  • Empowering Your Teen - parenting seminar by Ron Flowers
  • Reprinted articles, selected bibliography, reports, and policies

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