WIN! CD Professional 2nd Edition

WIN! CD Professional 2nd Edition

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Do you feel that God is calling you to present integrated total wellness topics, but you don’t have the time to do the scientific research or the money to develop the graphics? Good news! Drs. John, Millie and Wes Youngberg have spent 5 years developing this series so that you can present a scientifically credible topic with just 2 or 3 hours of brushing up with the script.

WIN! Wellness is a unique evangelistic ministry that gives equal emphasis to health, family, and spiritual transformation. WIN! puts into the hands of the presenter 21 exciting lectures that blend mental, physical, spiritual, and relational dimensions for balanced living.

This CD includes a presenter's manual with 21 lectures, 21 PowerPoint presentations with graphics, and 21 sets of resource sheets for small group discussion and personal application.

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