Living Free - Quit Nicotine | USB

Living Free - Quit Nicotine | USB

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The Living Free Quit Nicotine program is a ten-session lifestyle program designed to help individuals quit smoking—for good! It combines educational, inspirational, and motivational elements along with an aggressive lifestyle approach to detoxifying, rebuilding, and sustaining a healthy recovery from nicotine.

Program contents:

  • A scripted PowerPoint Presentation for each session.
  • Printable Session Guides and Review Notes for presenters and participants.
  • Printable Handouts for participants specific to each session.
  • One sample set of fourteen Balanced Living tracts, corresponding with the appropriate topic in each session.

Each session works on the principle of repetition and expansion of knowledge, principles, and action steps. Each topic provides an opportunity for you to inspire and motivate in an atmosphere of warmth and encouragement, as well as build accountability, strength, perseverance, and faith.

Session titles:

  1. Up in Smoke Introduction
  2. Getting Ready to Quit: Engineered for Success
  3. Quit Day: Creating an Environment
  4. Creating a Lifestyle: Nutrition
  5. Creating a Lifestyle: Exercise & Sleep
  6. Caffeine and Alcohol: Why Not?
  7. Creating Connections: Why Relationships Matter
  8. Hurried, Worried, and Buried
  9. Depression: Lifestyle Links for Beating the Blues
  10. Keys to Victorious Living: Staying the Course

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