40 Days to Your Harvest

40 Days to Your Harvest

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Join the members of your church in praying and planning for great things to happen before, during, and as a result of public evangelism meetings. This devotional journal is designed for church members to read and discuss together for 40 days leading up to the meetings.

This book will help your church focus on four important areas as you prepare:

  • Attendance at the meetings
  • Intercession for the meetings
  • Investment in the meetings
  • Involvement in the meetings

Plan to spend at least 15 minutes on each day’s entry. Each day includes a devotion to read, quotations to remember, and a simple activity to complete. Some days also include questions for journaling.

This book will help you learn how to look for opportunities to witness to the people you see each day, determine when they are receptive, and invite them to your church’s meetings when the time is right.

Together your church can study, pray, and work for a miracle.

Paperback. Copyright 2012.

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