Grace Outlet:Creating Churches that Dispense the Unmerited Favor of God

Grace Outlet:Creating Churches that Dispense the Unmerited Favor of God

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What if the mission Jesus gave His church drove everything that the church did?

What would that be like? Undoubtedly it would drive the church right out of the building and into the community.

What would the results be?

Heartfelt worship, meaningful relationships, and an insatia¬ble drive to dispense the unmerited favor of God. As churches we often attempt to be obedient to the Great Commission by being mission inclusive. Jesus did not call His church to be mis¬sion inclusive but mission driven. Grace Outlet will describe the journey of a church plant that strove to allow the mission of the church to direct the movement of the church. Whether you are a church planter or a church that wants to become mission driven, Grace Outlet will assist you as Dr. Eckenroth lays out the journey and lessons learned along the way.

About the Author

Kris Eckenroth is the lead pastor of the Grace Outlet Seventh-day Adventist Church in Reading, Pennsylva¬nia. For the past fifteen years he has worked to develop and empower teams of people in the areas of church planting, youth & young adult ministries, and com¬munity outreach. Pastor Kris and his wife Kristie have three children.

Paperback. Copyright 2016. 189 pages.

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