Faces Around the Manger--DVD

Faces Around the Manger--DVD

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Disk One

  • Herod the Great: “I will be king at any cost!”
  • Joseph the Carpenter: “I’m his daddy, but hot his father.”
  • The Magi: Wise men still seek Him.

Disk Two

  • Jesse the Innkeepers: Life would never be the same after “that night.”
  • James the Just: The unbelieving brother of Jesus who became a Christian leader.
  • A Shepherd Remembers: A story of faith rekindled.

The purpose of this DVD is to bring biblical people and their events to life—to put reality into scriptural narrative. This is done in order to bring us face to face with our own faith, doubts, fears, flaws, potentials, and needs—that we, too, may be changed.

Details in harmony with the customs of the day, and some literary creativity, are used to flesh out the characters and their stories. Serious study has been made to stay true to both biblical and historical reality.

The enclosed study guides and background materials on each character can be used for individual reflection or group discussion. You are encouraged to write out your responses to gain maximum meaning and impact. Permission is granted to duplicate the study guide materials for non-commercial purposes.

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