Miracles of the Master--DVD

Miracles of the Master--DVD

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Disk One
  • Luke: Looking for a deeper healing.
  • Born Blind: The blind man who sees what the sighted don’t.
  • Jairus: When the light goes out.

Disk Two

  • The Leper: “I lost—then found—everything!”
  • Simon the Pharisee: “It’s tough living a double life.”
  • Malchus: “He who has an ear, let him hear.”

The purpose of this DVD is twofold: first and foremost, to bring biblical people and events to life—to put flesh and blood on the printed words of biblical reality. Second, by experiencing these people, we come face to face with our own personal struggles and journey with belief or unbelief as we encounter Jesus again.

Some literary creativity is used to enrich each of the characters and to piece together their stories, but serious study has been done to stay true to both the biblical and historical reality.

The enclosed study guides and background materials can be used for individual reflection or for group discussion. You are encouraged to make copies of the discussion questions for group use as needed. Writing out your responses will give maximum meaning and impart to your follow-up study of these Miracles of the Master.

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