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You don’t need to be an expert to help people move through the changes of grief and loss. What you do need is a heart of compassion and a listening ear fashioned after the Master Jesus. SEASONS was designed in a way that you can follow the script through each session, allowing ample time for sharing.

Each session starts with some connection time followed by a short video that complements the subject to be presented. Following the video, the facilitator will take the group through the SEASONS session.

SEASONS was created by those who have suffered grief and offers support to those who are grieving. They have experience in the medical, psychological, and practical process of grieving.

Participants will be part of a group experience as they journey through ten sessions together:

  • Session 1: Our Story of Loss
  • Session 2: Grief – A Human Experience
  • Session 3: Giving Ourselves Permission to Feel
  • Session 4: Reminiscing, Recalling and Retelling Our Story
  • Session 5: Who Am I Now
  • Session 6: Challenges in Our Grief
  • Session 7: The Calendar of Grief
  • Session 8: Recognizing Signs of Grief Recovery
  • Session 9: Helping Others is Helping Ourselves
  • Session 10: Weaving Our Loss into Gain

This kit includes:

  • Coordinator’s Guide (Everything you need to plan and promote a successful SEASONS group)
  • Facilitators Guide (Session details and script)
  • Resource USB Drive (Presentations with videos, advertising and more)
  • Participant Guide (Key session details and areas for taking notes)

SEASONS is built on the foundation of the Bible and the power of people gathering to support and strengthen each other. While SEASONS is not doctrinally promotional, the sessions are Biblically based and true to the Seventh-day Adventist belief concerning the state of the dead and our hope in Jesus’ soon return. Through the series of ten sessions participants will move from loss to discovery and finally to establishing a new identity and purpose.

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