We Are Listening

We Are Listening

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We Are Listening is a proven model built on the experience of over 20 intentional conversations between young adults and Seventh-day Adventist church leaders. It is a catalyst for cultural change in your community. Unlike many other young adult ministry resources, this is not another program, but a simple process. Every young adult ministry context is unique, and you can customize this process according to your local needs. We Are Listening has been created from the following principles:
  • If the Seventh-day Adventist Church wants to love young adults better, we need to listen more.
  • If the Seventh-day Adventist Church wants to give the Gospel the greatest platform for expansion, we must utilize the voices, gifts, talents, and creativity of today’s young adult generation.
  • If the Seventh-day Adventist Church hopes to thrive as a force for Jesus in the future, we must give young adults a voice, our commitment to change, and a chance to lead for His cause.

We Are Listening can be an incredible first step on a journey toward loving, reaching, and retaining young adults more effectively in your community.

Paperback. 28 pages. Copyright 2017.

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