CRAVE Public Evang Project -Church E

CRAVE Public Evang Project -Church E

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CRAVE is a unique evangelistic approach specifically designed for delivery on university campuses and at other neutral venues that might attract a secular audience. The material and approach is intended for an audience that is secular, post-modern, and lacking in biblical literacy, but open to exploring the intersection between science and spirituality.   

CRAVE presents gospel truths through the medium of science, reason, and Scripture. The key concept that pervades CRAVE is that human beings are psychologically, socially, and biologically engineered for giving and receiving love as the fundamental fuel of our flourishing, and suggests that all of our common cravings are penultimate to the ultimate craving, which is the craving for relationship with the source of all goodness and love—the God who created us in His image. The tagline, “how to get what you really want,” suggest that behind all of our material and relational pursuits for satisfaction lies our deepest desire: to love and be loved.

There are six CRAVE presentations, each one about 20-25 minutes in length:

  1. The Mystery of Intimacy
  2. Animal Urges or Divine Desires
  3. Cravings Gone Wild
  4. Suicide Wish
  5. God + Sex
  6. Eternal Pleasures

This download includes:

  • Leader's manual 
  • Scripts for the leader
  • Slides for each presentation
  • CRAVE cards
  • Artwork for name badges and tickets
  • Promotional materials
  • Logo

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