Recovery Tools | Spanish

Recovery Tools | Spanish

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This booklet covers things you can do to fight depression or anxiety, and start feeling better. Chapters cover:

  • Body + Mind: Different kinds of health are all connected because you are one whole person.
  • Taking Care of You: Looking after your physical health is huge. It might be just what your mind needs.
  • Moving Your Body: Exercise can be intimidating, but don't count it out. It makes all the difference in recovery.
  • How to Get Better Sleep: Depression and anxiety can give you trouble sleeping. And when you are sleeping better, it's often a sign that you're starting to heal.
  • Sleep Consolidation: A great technique for fighting insomnia.
  • Finding Your Balance: Recovery tools are easier to manage when you set small, achievable goals.
  • Resources for Recovery: Websites, organizations, and contacts you might find helpful as you heal.


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