Becoming Family - Family Ministries Planbook 2010

Becoming Family - Family Ministries Planbook 2010

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How can your congregation help its members to become families? This Planbook is created to assist pastors and church leaders in creating an intentional plan for assisting the members of their church in becoming family. From sermons and children’s stories to articles and book reviews, you will find an abundance of resources in this Planbook. Here is a short list of what you will find:


  • Happy Ending for an Unloved Wife
  • Four Essential Duties for Parenting
  • Who Are My Family?
  • God’s Way Versus My Way

Children’s Stories

  • From Bottom to Top
  • “Won’t Be’s” in Heaven
  • Recipe for Success

Leadership Articles

  • Modeling Forgiveness
  • Jesus Was Single Too
  • To Prohibit of Permit: Toward a Healthy Balance in Parenting

Family, the basic unit of the community, the society, the nation and the world was ordained by God in Eden with the union of Adam and Eve. God designed the family to serve as the primary provision on the human level for the intimate relationship that we all need. Family serves as the meeting point for an individual’s need for belonging, for love, for intimacy, and for social contact. Most importantly, the family can be a powerful agency for the discipling of its members for Christ.

Paperback. 84 pages. Released in 2010 as the Family Ministries Planbook.

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